We are very proud of the letters that our customers send us.  Please take a moment to read some of their testimonials:



"Thanks for all  you help & patience making Kathy a beautiful monument"

"Our monument is everything we could have expected. It truly is an everlasting memory of our family, and we are very satisfied with Jim Leone's services. We surely would recommend him to anyone. Thank you very much.

-- Mrs. Patricia Orozco

“Thank you for your patience, gentle care, and concern.  You are good people”!  

-- Ms. L. Heydorn,
Oakwood Cemetery

“Jim, we are very pleased! We thank you ever so much for your patience with us and what you have done. You are a professional; and we commend you, and recommend you! We are so pleased. Best of luck to your business. From the way you helped us-you really don’t need it. Your honesty speaks for you!! Again, our profound Thanks”!

-- Vern & Marjorie Becker,
East Liberty Cemetery

“We saw the stone and were very pleased.  Also, wish to thank you for the courteous attention and kindness you showed us”.

-- Mr. Mrs. F. Cossin,
Rose Hill Cemetery


“You did a fantastic job with the monument and the photo is great.  Whoever placed the red rose on the stone - thank you!! Both my brother and DAD are very pleased with the final results”.              

-- Ingrid Moeritz Roark,
Oakwood Cemetery


I am very well pleased.  I will and have praise for the work and courtesy you gave me in time of need”.

-- Mrs. Nitsche


Dear Jim, “I am very pleased with the finished monument for my husband Klaus. Thank you for your hard work in getting exactly what I wanted----the
wait was worth it. I have sent your e-mail with the photo to my two daughters. Thank you again”

-- Cathy LaRose Beer,
Silver Springs Cemetery, Stow


“Thank you for your special efforts.  I do appreciate your help, in making a dreaded ordeal, seem not as bad.  The marker looks great. We were all surprised to see it installed so soon.  Thank you again”.

-- Mrs. A. B.


“Jim, Thank you for all your gracious help. I have enjoyed doing business
with you. The monument looks great. I am very pleased with it”.

-- Virginia T. Ainscough, Greenlawn, Uniontown Cemetery

"It is a real pleasure to deal with a person who gives personal service and takes pride in their profession".

-- Mr. B. Butler


“Jim, Thank you for all your help in choosing Dom’s stone. The color, design, and shape are absolutely beautiful. With deepest thanks”,

-- Patty Merlitti,
Holy Cross Cemetery


“Thank you very much for the kind & compassionate service. We were very pleased”.              

-- Mrs. G.


Jim, I cannot even begin to tell you how beautiful the stone is. We will be having a dedication ceremony this Saturday, and I thank you for a beautiful monument for my mother. My father and family are very pleased.

-- Pat Clayton,
Oakwood Cemetery

Thank you for all your patience and help in the selection of my husband’s monument. I appreciate all your patience and help in the selection process. You made a very difficult project possible. You took your time and I never felt rushed or pressured. Also, thanks to your craftsmen for doing a wonderful job. You put my mind at ease with your professionalism. This was not a pleasant job to take on, but thanks to your company, it was handled with dignity and sincerity. I’m glad I chose you, and will recommend you to my friends”. Thank you,

-- Mrs. M. Johnson,
Silver Springs Cemetery- Stow


Thank you Jim. The monument looks wonderful. It was a pleasure doing business with you in pre-planning our monument together. A job well done.

-- Janet and Joe Santos,
Oakwood Cemetery

“I saw the tombstone, and I am quite pleased with it. I apologize for not responding sooner...I've been overwhelmed and busy with a lot of things, etc. Thank you for your caring and excellent service. May you and your family have a wonderful 2007”!

-- Sincerely, Barbara Anne Hartman,
Tallmadge Cemetery


“Dear Jim, We were able to go to the cemetery this weekend and were surprised to see the stone for Rocco had been placed. Thank you for the wonderful and caring service”.

-- Sincerely, Mrs. V. Cona,
Silver Springs Cemetery, Stow

“Thank you Jim. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. The girls and I are
very pleased with Paul’s monument”.

-- Becky Gustavel,
Tallmadge Cemetery


“Dear Jim, I wish to take this time to Thank you for all around professionalism in helping me to choose a beautiful headstone to honor my mother. Most of all I wish to thank you for your generosity in placing the stone before time, as well as trusting and believing in me. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. May you always be blessed”.

-- Stacey McGinnis,
Glendale Cemetery

“Thanks Jim for the special attention you gave me in the preparation of the stone for my wife, Mary Ann and your advise in adding other names to the stone. I appreciate how you handled it in a timely manner, before the weather got bad. I sensed that you really enjoyed doing your job the very best, like I was a relative. In today’s world it’s hard to find people who do their very best”.

-- Victor Estafen,
Holy Cross Cemetery


“I wanted to thank you for helping my mother and me through a very hard project. We went to other monument companies and the sales people were cold and greedy, just to make a sale. You were kind, helpful, considerate and you not pressure us. Picking a monument is very hard. It had to be done and I’m glad we had a gentleman like you to help us.  Thank you”.

-- Midge and Irene Lewis,
Hillside Cemetery


“Thank you for your kind patience in helping me pick out the monument for my husband. It will be perfect, and I can see it from the road”.

-- Mrs. Joan Townsend,
Silver Springs Cemetery, Stow


“Jim, I again just wanted to thank you for being you! Without your help - I think this would have been impossible. Thanks for everything you’ve done”.

-- Mena Ruggierio,
Holy Cross Cemetery


“Jim, Thank you for the wonderful job you did on Dad’s stone. We know it took some extra time and effort, but the results were worth it. Everyone in the family thinks it is a beautiful tribute”.

-- Sincerely, Bruce and Harriet Smith,
Stow Cemetery


“Just wanted to say “Thank You” for all of your help, patience, and understanding when I picked out the grave marker. I’m so happy with it… turned out beautiful and I am very proud of it. I thank you also for the several trips you made to my apartment to finalize all the details. Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated”.

-- Marie Wacker,
Chestnut Hill Cemetery


“Dear Jim, I can’t express how appreciative I am for the beautiful work you have done. It is exactly as I wished. Thank you for carrying out my wishes and doing it in such a timely manner.  God bless you, I hope you will continue to comfort the ones left behind and provide them with your kind and thoughtful service. Many thanks for all you’ve done”.

-- Barbara Aman,
Holy Cross Cemetery


“Dear Jim, thank you, the monument has received many wonderful comments. As one lady put it, it tells the whole story. All of our girls but one has seen it and all agree it is perfect. Once again, thank you for giving us such a fine remembrance”. Sincerely,

-- Rita Benya,
St. Nicholas Cemetery, Clinton


Jim, “Just wanted to say “thank you” for the kind and considerate way you treated me. This is a very difficult time-almost overwhelming-but you made it a little easier for me to come to an important decision, without any pressure. I wish you and your family a most Blessed Christmas”.

-- Giovanne Bennett,
Oakwood Cemetery


Jim, Betty’s marker looks very dignified and matches her husband’s beautifully. You had it completed and installed much faster than expected. Thank you for all your help. We both appreciate you staying after hours to meet with us. Your conscientious attention to details gave us exactly what we wanted. Sincerely,

-- Bob & Peggy Bovard,
Oakwood Cemetery


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